Three of the worst type of chubby chasers out there

Don’t get me wrong, the whole chubby chaser phenomenon is a great thing. It profiles that more and more men are being honest with themselves. They are more open with their real sexual preference in terms of partners. That’s all well and good.


But the problem is there are a chubby chasers out there that have no business chasing after bigger women, or any woman for that matter. These are the worst type of guys. If you come across these losers, call them out, challenge them, or at least issue a warning to the chicks that they are chasing after. These guys are bad news.


Mr. Abusive


This type of chubby chaser is really just looking for women to abuse. He thinks that just because a woman is big, she is a prime candidate for being taken advantage of or taken for granted. Keep in mind that this person is not abusing women physically. This person is inflicting an equally damaging type of abuse, and I am talking about emotional abuse. Talk about a complete loser. Most of these guys are feeling weak and powerless inside. This is why they like to surround themselves with women that they think they can emotionally push around.



Mr. Predator


This guy likes to physically abuse women. I’m not talking about this guy slapping them around or beating them up. But he fucks the shit out of them with his prime purpose of pleasuring himself and only himself. He gives no thought to his partner, whether she is enjoying herself or not. That’s not his concern. In other words, he would relentlessly bang these chicks but after he cums, when he has satisfied himself, the show is over. Talk about a piece of shit.


The whole point about sex is for two people to have a good time. Did you see that? Two people. Not just you. If that’s your mind-set, you might as well simply jerk off. Because that’s essentially what you’re doing: you’re just using somebody’s hole, while you’re being inconsiderate to the person who owns that hole.


Wannabe pimp


The problem I have with wannabe pimps is that they’re not real pimps. Real pimps get a lot of respect because they know the game. But wannabes get the boot. You need to get the fuck outta here if you’re just a wannabe.


A wannabe is somebody who tries to look like somebody else, who tries to act like somebody else, but deep down doesn’t have what it takes. Pimps get some respect, although there’s also a lot of disrespect which is deserved. But at least there’s some respect. Pimps don’t get any kind of respect. There’s only contempt. So stop playing, stop pretending, and be yourself @

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Is Porno Reviews for you?

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Useful Sexually Graphic Internet Websites From The Reviewers Spot

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Wild sex webcams with barely legal teen

When you feel the need to stare at one of the greatest pair of knockers on the Internet, after a hard day of work, BigBoobsAlise will be online, ready to strip down all of her clothes and allow you to admire her naked and smoking hot body. She is ready to play with herself in front of the camera just for you and if you want something special and a little different, all you have to do is to ask her and she will do it for you. Her profile can be seen at girls on webcams, where many horny guys are lining up to get a private session with this busty bitch and you could be one of the lucky ones who get her for an entire night.

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Best ass porn sites out there

Are you looking for big fat asses but haven’t had any luck yet? Well if this site isn’t enough I have some sites I can recommend… In my search for new sites widen my horizon I’ve stumbled across a couple of porn review sites that can be recommended. Check out the ass review section from Adult Reviews and the same ass section here on Porn Reviews.

From the reading the review sites I’ve concluded that the following sites are worth taking a look at:

Big Wet Butts (the name says it all really! Part of the huge multisite Brazzers – and as always the video quality is fantastic)

Ass Parade (part of Bang Bros multisite, extremely ass oriented with tons of content)

Monster Curves (Worshipping ass is priority number 1, extremely entertaining site from Reality Kings)


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The Woman to Beat Those Sexy Asses!

sexy assesOn my last three days at the hotel where I won the prize of a weeklong VIP stay, Helen, my personal assistant, was giving me lots of pointers on how to improve my life outside the walls of this palace. Helen was there to answer every need and want I could ever think of since day one, keeping me distracted/occupied by her own voluptuous body.

Despite the number of sexy asses in the enormous hotel and their huge ass porn stash at my fingertips, the body that struck me dumb was that of Helen’s. No ladies’ ass could sway or jiggle the way she could, and my heart was racing for a way I could tell her she was beautiful.

I went up to the manager on the seventh and last day and whispered my request on how I’d like to spend my final breakfast in their amazing establishment. Though my request slightly surprised her at first, she understood what I was going through and arranged that my breakfast be served in my room by different staff, dressing Helen up real nice to be my date.

sexy asses Helen looked gorgeous in her dress despite her bewildered look. I bid the other staff to leave us in privacy, finally gathering the courage to tell my burden to the one person with me throughout the week. Helen’s smile was arousing, and she told me she had been waiting for me to ask her to service me sexually… It caught her unawares that I did not misuse that knowledge or capacity, and said I was the only man in ten years that didn’t ask for sex when they knew they could… from her or anyone else.

Of the sexy asses and huge ass porn stash I watched and played through my mind, I keep telling my wife Helen that no ladies’ ass could drive me wild like hers…

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My Girlfriend’s Huge Ass

plump ass pornCharlize was a former client of mine at Gold’s Gym, and now she’s my girlfriend. She was slowly getting into better shape and health than she saw herself in past attempts. She was confident enough that I propositioned we made some kind of plump ass porn for celebrating her progress and our relationship. She was reluctant, but finally agreed when I assured her she was definitely worth filming some fat ass anal and fat pussy porn for our personal pleasure.

We started our plump ass porn in the home gym she and I got for her, recalling our earliest meetings while mixing it with a lot of foreplay and lovemaking. She was totally surprised when I slowly made my way down to her ass and pussy, being her first in a long time, and something I’d wanted to do for so long.

I parted her huge ass cheeks and stuck my tongue down her crack, running it up and down, sideways, in and out of her cunt and asshole like it was a frikkin’ goldmine. I recalled every bit of fat pussy porn and fat ass anal work I ever watched and did, knowing what was happening then was better than anything I tasted in the past!

plump ass porn Her moans were filling the whole room, and our sweat intoxicated both of us that she pleaded for me to take her on the floor. I obliged my lovely woman and carried (told you she was losing a lot of extra pounds) her to the floor, making her swoon in half jest and whole delight.

When we checked the video later that evening, we laughed ourselves to tears to see that the angle we were making love in only showed bits and pieces of our bodies… Ah, well, there’s always the memory, and there’s always next time, right?

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A Delightfully Plump Ass

plump assFor my second and third day of the weeklong VIP treatment at the biggest (and possibly best) hotel in the state, my personal assistant took me to their vast golf course, gym and spa, tennis court, barbershop/salon, reminding me that whatever I wanted was only waiting for my go signal. While this was all overwhelming and amazing for a regular man to comprehend, I couldn’t really tell Helen, my PA for the week, that it was dearly plump ass that I wanted to have a go at.

In less than forty-eight hours, I’d slowly been clothed and groomed to look like I was some big shot who actually paid to get served so. The workload at my company was big enough and my miserly tendencies tight enough that I wouldn’t spend money to make myself look attractive until absolutely necessary. Now that it was handed to me on a diamond-service platter, I was attracting the right kind of attention that no hotel contest could win me.

plump ass Before I went to sleep for the third day, Helen looked back from the door and told me I was remarkably handsome even before I got groomed, and now the staff thought I was stunning.

The whole night was spent watching sexy ass porn full of ass sluts on their cable TV, my head spinning with desire and wickedly lustful thoughts of Helen. Fuck, she was the bomb! Her plump ass swallowing my hard cock like it was waiting all her life for it. But of course, no hoochie ass sluts on the enormous TV could compare to Helen’s…

Well, maybe I can risk spoiling myself a little more with asking Helen if she’d like to make some sexy ass porn with me before I left the hotel, possibly never to come back. Shit… it was a risk I could be willing to take.

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A Hotel’s Naked Ass Proposition

naked assThe first official dinner at the hotel sponsoring my seven day stay was almost larger than life! They’d reserved a large table for me and placed their menus right in front of me like I was the goddamned president! Now, I’m no hick or innocent White Man, but there’s just some words in that menu I couldn’t describe. Though Helen, my personal assistant for my stay at the hotel, wasn’t the one helping me out, another woman that just screamed “ASS BOOBS!” help describe everything to my satisfaction.

As each meal I ordered was served to me in portions I could enjoy, I looked around at all the people serving me and making me feel like an international hero. The hotel’s service crew women were definitely varied, but the full bodied ones were seriously making me think of some hot ass porn sessions where I’d be all fondling and thumping their naked ass.

The manager, another “ASS BOOBS!” kind of woman, asked me how I was enjoying their accommodations. When I could actually open my mouth to speak, I admitted it was almost unreal that this could happen to some Joe who had a job working as a supervisor. She said that he hotel was celebrating over fifty years of high ratings from several critics, magazines, and their clientele.

naked ass Throughout the chitchat, I realized she was also making some very subtle hints that a part of their ratings was also the fact they allowed certain clients “escort service”. In short, all I had to tell them was that I wanted some hot ass porn delivered in my room and they’d be there faster than you could say, “Room service!”

I considered  the naked ass proposition throughout the remainder of my meal, smiling for the cameras and saying how genuinely pleased I was… Shit, things were looking waaaaay up for me!

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My P.A’s Delicious Mature Ass

mature assIt didn’t register that I was the winner of a grand hotel’s contest when I woke up on the softest mattress I’d ever had the pleasure of sleeping alone in. The doorbell was ringing and I could already hear Helen’s sweet voice giving me a reason to answer the door. I worse the loose pajamas and one of the biggest shirts they let me choose from the hotel boutique before I opened the door to see my sexy arse Helen enter with a tray of breakfast goodies.

From my orders at the pool and at dinner yesterday, my personal assistant for the week guessed right that I would probably want something much lighter for my breakfast. With a salad, a well-made sandwich, and a whole bottle of sparkling wine, though lewd thoughts were running through my head, I got to talking to her about how this all seemed like a dream. While sticking out her sexy arse to one side for my pleasure, she told me the last time the hotel has something like this was a decade ago, when she was still working her way up from the boutique.

mature ass For someone who was over 35, Helen sported a mature ass that played games with my dick, provoking horny ass thoughts of propositioning her right there. Though the current manager of the hotel had insinuated they had a particular escort service, I was in no way going to make Helen think I was gonna abuse her, despite that tempting mature ass. I could, however, keep thinking about it, right?

When I was almost finished with breakfast, Helen told me there was still a lot for me to see, and I jumped into it just so I could control my horny ass self and not make a total idiot of myself.

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